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2015-08-02 11:54 pm
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Permissions/Opt Out - comments screened

Charlie's canon deals with sex magic, particularly performed between members of the same family, though not between parents/children/siblings. Her primary sexual relationship is with a cousin, however! If you'd like to opt-out of playing with her entirely - or have these topics not mentioned - leave me a comment here.

Her powers include using both charms (usually drawn on skin, but also on nearby surfaces) and music to influence others, such as:

- affecting mood
- affecting memory
- passing unnoticed/unchallenged
- forcing openness and honesty
- putting people to sleep
- protective and healing charms
- permanent (until removed via magic) charms marking a lover

If there's anything you're interested/not interested in her being able to do to your character, let me know here! Any major power usage will be plotted out, of course, but consider this an opt-out/in opportunity to being manipulated in general.

On a more fun note, if you have a song or type of music you associate with your character, please post it here! Charlie can hear "songs" related to people and will try to pick them out over time as she gets to know someone, so it'll likely turn up in play.
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2015-07-21 04:48 pm
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Carvaka Application - In Progress

Name: Charlotte Gale
Canon: Enchantment Emporium series
Age: 28
Canon Point: end of The Wild Ways, after Jack eats the Elder God

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2012-05-20 10:36 pm
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How's My Driving/Crit Me/Etc?

Charlie is from an extremely obscure novel, so I don't really expect anyone to know her canon. If you happen to have read it, however, feel free to tell me whether you think I have her down!

Otherwise, I would appreciate crit on overall consistency of voice, as well as writing/grammar type things.